Beat Overwhelm: Lead Streamlined, Optimized, and Emergency Free

We help leaders - entrepreneurs, managers, and executives - who feel stuck and overwhelmed to streamline and optimize their workload, build the skills they need for sustainable growth, and help their teams work better together. Our work helps leaders grow and succeed, feel less stressed, enjoy their work more, and have the peace of mind to get back to what matters most, in and out of work.

About: Eric

Hi, I'm Eric Williams, founder of Willity. After 20+ years leading teams, hiring, training, and managing 1000+ employees, and advising 300+ entrepreneurs, managers, and executives, I started Willity to help overwhelmed leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs get their businesses and lives back on track by focusing on 3 key areas: the mechanics of their schedule and work, their leadership skill sets, and honing their identity and personal superpowers as a leader.

Getting you out of overwork and overwhelm in a practical and sustainable way


Work through the schedule and workflows tactically - what can be eliminated, batched, delegated, systematized, and automated and ultimately leveled up with the working systems playbook.


Essential leadership toolbox that powers your new schedule and priorities, including communication, delegation, accountability, coaching, KPI management, training and developing others.


The focus, energy, and purpose you need to come to the table with, including where are your superhero traits, where your weaknesses are, and how you show up as the best version of yourself to this role.

Client Successes

"Together, we were able to work through clear goal setting, leadership development with my board and team, and the internal systems we needed to achieve this key need."

- Jennifer (St Louis, MO)

"Working with Willity helped us craft and implement the strategy to level up our operations - giving us the time and money to invest in a new self-sustaining revenue stream."

- Pam F. (Berkeley, California)


If you're finally ready to break the cycle daily anxiety, overwork, and exhaustion, and instead, are ready to commit to the skills you need to be a strong leader and scale your impact, let's get to work.

If you're ready to start working smart, rather than just working hard, committed to your mission in life, and action-oriented, click below to get started.