Stop being tired and frustrated, beating your head against the wall without getting the results you should be getting. Taking action is the true challenge, and that's what we’re here to help you with. Are you ready to commit to hitting your big goals?


  • Start our Take Action Programs: Step-by-step interactive online roadmap that takes you from assessment, to planning, to taking action, to hitting the big goals you've been dreaming about achieving.
  • Digital Tools: You must be willing to invest the time and effort needed to learn and achieve the results you're looking for. Our digital programs are accessible on your own schedule each week, but it does move quickly. Get access to the weekly calls plus email Q&A and support to make sure you keep moving forward.
  • Hitting your Goals: We are positive that if you put in the work, you’ll see tremendous benefits within the timeframe of the program. It’s all geared towards taking action and doing the exercises we set out.

Build a fundraising program with the freedom to make an impact

Many non-profit leaders and founders scrape and struggle for funding, all while doing exceptional work for our communities day in and day out. It's time to stop spending all your time worrying about fundraising and start truly serving your community by learning the skills to leverage your time, your network, and your donors.

Our program teaches you everything you need to jump-start a fundraising campaign to raise $10, $20, $50,000, or more within the next 3 months, and have the tools to scale and grow into the future. It's a step by step program with modules covering the fundamentals combined with the support and accountability to start taking action now. Fundraising is a predictable process, not a game of chance, so we’ll plot of the route to get your confidence and skills on track to be able to raise money at the $100,000 mark and beyond.

Ready To Get Started?

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