A small sample of Eric's results for leaders around the country.

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Jennifer Bess Jennifer Bess, Executive Director City Seniors, Inc.

"So thankful to have taken the course and that I can say out first annual campaign is in the past! We raised over $85,000 and most of it was from one donor."

Together, we were able to work through clear goal setting, volunteer leadership development with my board and team, and the internal systems we needed to achieve this key need for the City Seniors center.

Karen Haring Karen Haring, Founder & Executive Director, Libera, Inc

"If I hadn’t done this course, and taken the risk, we wouldn’t have about $22,500 in new donations and donors out of the $52,500 total we raised! I was personally able to raise a big chunk of the money, which was a huge confidence builder for me. We also grew our team of volunteers, including one who initially thought she couldn’t fundraise at all and ended up raising the most on the whole team."

Focus: Judicial / Legal

"Helped us build a plan to generate $203,000 for our work"

Results: Developed a plan with the team lead and Fundraising Director to create a direct phone ask campaign over two months to raise money from major donors. Worked with leaders to develop the schedule, structure, scripts, and materials for the campaign, raising just over $203,000.

Location: New York, NY

Focus: Disaster Recovery for Immigrant Communities

"Scaled up our outreach team to over 50 in a few weeks"

Results: Helped the client build systems to coordinate and rapidly scale up to a 50 person outreach within 4 weeks to communicate & connect families to available recovery services. This resulted in the program being able to identify & assess needs of over 7,000 immigrant families in Hurricane Sandy affected communities.

Location: New York, NY