Willity leadership training frees up 20+ hours a week, without sacrificing income or revenue, so you can leave work on time, be fully present with loved ones, and stop sacrificing your health and well-being.

With our help, you will learn how to:

  • Systemize, delegate, and automate your work effectively to reduce your workload by up to 50% or more.
  • Lead your team confidently with new management, communication, and accountability skills.
  • Regain focus, energy, and enjoyment in your work and life so both can thrive.
  • Work less while achieving more, even if you're burning yourself out with your current workload.

Will + Ability

Flagship Program

Our flagship 12-week intensive program focuses on transformation and application from the very first week.

The outcome of this program is to give you the frameworks, space, and support to clearly define goals and constraints, work methodically through streamlining, automating, standardizing, and delegating your work, dive into leadership skills and structures to round out your skills, and identify what underpins your focus, energy, and purpose in your work.

We are with you every step of the way. We make sure that you stay on track. Make sure that any wobble, any obstacle, that there's somebody there and a strategy to help you get over it. If we're going to change your life, you will not do it without help. This is about helping you apply these skills and frameworks to your life and business as quickly as possible so you can see the results.

Ultimately, they walk away with a systems playbook and leadership plan that they’ve already put into motion through our work together, allowing them to build the process muscle, start the habits, and begin to embody their new leader identity.

Our model: We don't just focus on training, we focus on transformation.

At Willity, we don't just teach new systems and skills. We work closely with you to implement real change immediately with a clear roadmap to level up sustainably over time.

Our 12-week intensive program covers three key areas:

  • Mechanics: Streamline your operations by eliminating, batching, delegating and automating tasks strategically. My proven system leaves you working just 20 focused hours per week.
  • Skillset: Master essential leadership skills like communication, hiring, accountability, and culture-building. Lead your team confidently without micromanaging.
  • Identity: Align your mindset and mission so you can show up focused, empowered, and engaged. Rediscover your purpose beyond busyness.

We only accept leaders who are coachable and committed to real transformation. If you're ready to eliminate chaos, stress less, and grow your business sustainably, let's talk.

The old way left you overwhelmed and burned out. I'm ready to show you a better way.


Our flagship Will + Ability is by invitation only. We are obligated to make sure that we only work with leaders who are in the right position to put these into practice. Reach out if you'd like to explore working with us and have an application session.

Additional ways we support you

One on One Coaching

An expert leader and coach who works closely with you to build new skills, optimize performance, provide a sounding board, and provide accountability to achieve your professional goals. This takes the form of personally scoped-out sessions with clear goals attached to an outcome driven timeline.

  • Deeply understand your leadership challenges through insightful questioning and active listening.
  • Offer an outside perspective to help you gain clarity amidst uncertainty.
  • Provide strategic guidance tailored to your specific growth areas.
  • Keep you accountable to taking bold action after each session.
  • Be your trusted thinking partner for navigating complex decisions.

The coaching is customized to your needs each step of the way through a proven goal-setting framework. The coach's job is to ask the right questions to illuminate your path, provide tools and models to enable progress and support you in creating the leadership impact you desire.

Action & Implementation Leadership Training

Customized group or one-on-one virtual training sessions focused on our core leadership development approach in these topic areas:

Mechanics: Work through the schedule and workflows tactically - what can be eliminated, batched, delegated, systematized, and automated and ultimately leveled up with the working systems playbook.

Skillset: Essential leadership toolbox that powers your new schedule and priorities, including communication, delegation, accountability, coaching, KPI management, training and developing others.

Identity: The focus, energy, and purpose you need to come to the table with, including where are your superhero traits, where your weaknesses are, and how you show up as the best version of yourself to this role.

Hi! I'm Eric.

I'm Eric Williams, founder of Willity. After 20+ years leading teams, hiring, training, and managing 1,000+ employees, and advising 300+ entrepreneurs, managers, and executives, I started Willity to help overwhelmed leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs get their businesses and lives back on track by focusing on three key areas: the mechanics of their schedule and work, their leadership skill sets, and honing their identity and personal superpowers as a leader.

I help leaders who feel stuck and overwhelmed by streamlining their workload, planning for the future, and making their teams work better together. My work helps leaders grow and succeed. CEOs feel less stressed, enjoy their work more, and get back to what matters most, in and out of work.

While we solve the practical through our work, what lights me up is what this means to my clients, their families, and their businesses. This means marriages are saved when a stressed and overwhelmed spouse can finally become present and involved. This means saving relationships with children when parents are not spending all their waking hours distracted by their work. This means leaders living healthier for years longer when not burdened by chronic stress, avoiding bankruptcy, and bringing their gifts to the world in a bigger and better way.

Ready to commit to your best self?

If you're finally ready to break the cycle daily anxiety, overwork, and exhaustion, and instead, are ready to commit to the skills you need to be a strong leader and scale your organization, let's get to work.

If you're ready to start working smart, rather than just working hard, committed to your mission in life, and action-oriented, click below to get started.